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Redfield Arts produces full-length motion pictures for television and theatrical distribution. The studio was founded by Mark Redfield and Stuart Voytilla.

The Redfield Arts studio and corporate office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The Redfield Arts design and fabrication team designs and builds sets, props and costumes for corporate, special events, commercial/advertising and film and television productions.

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (US Distribution: Alpha New Cinema) US Television, Foreign, and Foreign Television rights still available.

The Death Of Poe (US Distribution: Alpha New Cinema). US Television, Foreign, and Foreign Television rights still available.

Chainsaw Sally (Worldwide Distribution: Shock-O-Rama Cinema) Now Available on DVD.

Cold Harbor (US Distribution: Alpha New Cinema.) US Television, Foreign, and Foreign Television rights still available.

The action-adventure fantasy The Sorcerer of Stonehenge School available on DVD 2009.

Video Production and Services

Video Production

Video is one of the most powerful tools for communicating your message to an audience. Whether you want to train or motivate your employees, increase the sales of a product or if you are a band who wants to create a dynamic video to communicate your art, our talented staff will partner with you through the entire process, from concept to completion, to develop an end product that everyone is proud of.

Redfield Arts provides a knowledgable and professional crew, equipment and lighting, tape or film stock. Whether we adapt your narrative to video or write a script for you, whether we shoot on location or in our studio, we have the experience and proven track record to transform your concepts into a brilliant production. 

Set Design and Construction

Redfield Arts has a talented team of set designers who are dedicated to bringing your production to life with flair, as well as on time and on budget.
Our designers have years of experience in creating memorable designs for film, industrial film, facades, and special events.
You will work with a member of our design team who, based on your needs and budget, will prepare storyboards and sketches; style ideas; textures; materials; furniture; colours; and examples of detailing.

Working with our designers is a professional construction and staging crew.

Special Effects

mechanical effects, miniatures, prosthetics, blue screen, pyrotechnics, blood/gore FX

Redfield Arts special effects technicians provide top talent and service, resulting in spectacular effects. Using your storyboards we will develop mechanical, gore, electronic, hydraulic, pyro, or just about anything you can dream up.

Our technicians and sculptors are among the best in the business and will work within your budget to provide breath-taking special effects for your project.



costume design /costume rental /wigs/hair /mask design

Our designers will work closely with your theatrical, film or television company production team, to research, design and prepare costumes. We ensure costumes being designed are in line with the production's overall ideas, within the budget, and will make a powerful visual statement to the audience.We also offer any accessories such as canes, hats, gloves, shoes, jewelry or masks.

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